06 January 2019


Someone want to tell me where these bands come from? Because it's as if you fukkn blink and then there's this killer thing in your lap and you're all like "where did this come from?" so that's kinda why I'm asking. I mean, NOPE come from 2017 (and beyond), and they come from Winnipeg, but somehow that just confuses me more. It's like early DeutschPunk with '80s SoCal snarl and sneer, it's got those double snare taps that seem to automatically inject extra energy into all punk things. And the keyboards in "Couch Gag" - where did those come from? There's also a penchant for hooks that lands somewhere between CARBONAS and LUMPY and LA FRACTION....and it's all happening at the same time and still I'm like "where did this come from?" but mostly I just keep listening. More than most things I have posted here, this cassette is truly for fans of punk. 

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