28 January 2019


I hadn't heard of this band until I heard rumblings from SFO punks about their recent show in Oakland, and about how I was clearly out of touch if I was letting myself miss it. So be it, I suppose - age will keep advancing until I'm dead and my touch gets weaker and weaker as poor blood circulation advances along with that age...but I took note nonetheless because it's important to listen to the kids. Sometimes. Luckily, I got a second chance in San Francisco last weekend, and as I stepped into that basement, the wall of sound blew me the fukk over...the kids were right. Maximum intensity blown out raw DBeat punk of the highest order with riff presentation and song construction head and shoulders above the crowd. ETERAZ inject the mid tempo metallic DISCHARGE chug (hereto referred to as "dischug") into unhinged lightning fast DBeat seamlessly, and I don't mean like "fast part/slow part" (because anyone can do that), it's like they are doing it at the same damn time. The show was sweaty and loud, and the band was fukkn good...the tape gives you a chance to listen and dissect though - and there's a LOT to dissect - so this might be a rare instance where I prefer the recorded manifestation. Although, after these riffs and these howls are ingrained in my head, I have a feeling that the next show will be even better. 

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