18 January 2019


Yeah, more of this....but y'all know the drill by now, right? Because you should - it's a good ass drill. The motherfukkrs who compiled this series are legit genius.es, with THE HEARTBEATS rolling into BRENDA & THE TABULATIONS' "The Touch Of You" (serious candidate for sleeper Track Of  Eternity consideration). THE SAPPHIRES' "Who Do You Love" into the JACKIE ROSS floor slammer "Selfish Love," a track that deserves a place alongside THE SUPREMES. And then these fools drop an (abridged) AARON NEVILLE slow jam right in the middle of this motherfukkr and if there was ever any doubt that the East Side Story crew was fucking around....well then be assured that this is the real shit. Twelve more tracks...twelve more essential tracks - because if you don't have your roots then you don't have a fucking thing. 

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