12 January 2019


I bought this, along with a dozen or more other previously unknown-to-me cassettes, a few months back from a mail order distro that was having a pretty massive sale. My pal John was like "you heard of any of this shit?" and I was like "no, but it's all like $3 and the fool writes compelling descriptions and my PayPal account is flush" so I bit. I bit hard. And the aural juices flowed into my mouth when that package arrived and I I am still savoring the taste. ILYAS AHMED is probably the furthest thing from my typical wheelhouse that I welcomed into my collection and my life, but it also is having the most staying power. A (possibly accidental) combination of minimal psych that lands somewhere between FLOYD/SPACEMEN 3 and bedroom folk that harkens back to Wm. Ackerman's early Windham Hill, AHMED sets the tone with his nonchalantly ethereal guitars, fills in the cracks with other worldy other sounds and then just lays the vocals gently over the top....when the mood is right, I dare say that there are few things more fitting. Studded jackets and CIMEX patches will still be there when you wake up. 

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