23 March 2018


Nothing like an (almost) hour long beating by fifteen previously unknown tonnage dealers. I was familiar with SAME SEX DICTATOR and ELEPHANT RIFLE, but the rest of this (excellent) compilation was uncharted territory for me, starting with an absolutely devastating track by MEADOWS and continuing on a path of psychedelic sludge and doom laden hardcore and just pure heaviness from the likes of DEAD, BASTARD OF THE SKIES, TEEPH, CYBERNE and others. I like when my eyes get open, even (especially) if the first thing that comes in to focus is a first class aural beating. 


Blacktooth said...

For a lack of flowery and, quite frankly, more creative wordage, I'll say UNSANE, COWS, HELMET, COP SHOOT COP, ETC all thrown into a blender and de-tuned a bit for our heavier times. Love how some newer bands took the "hardcore/metal 45-at-33rpm" thing directly into their sound. I remember listening to a Hellkrusher 7" at half-speed thinking "why doesn't a band just replicate this exact sound???" Well, here ya go... and noisey, angular sounds abound.... Thanks for the post!!! No one commenting much any more, but you're the hardest working man in the biz, and the new sounds and exposure are VERY much appreciated. Thank you!!!

waughtron666 said...

I love you and I love this blog...oh and...uh, yeah, what Blackfoot said.

Anonymous said...

yeah, thanks
i don't comment much 'cos i'm not english speaker
but thanks for all you do