22 March 2018


I almost never reach for garage punk, but I am often quite pleased when it reaches out to me. THE DRAINS from Buffalo found their way into my life a while back, and I enjoy grooving to their snotty reverb drenched sounds....sounds I hope that you will enjoy as well. They are classically casual in their approach, a lazy confidence that fits the genre like a glove, and then they hit the road after six short minutes. Perhaps my inattentiveness acts as a quality filter, accidentally ensuring that only the choicest jammers find their way to me...but if there's quality like this in the sub-world, then maybe I need to retire from hardcore and before a garage rocker. Actually...no, I definitely don't need to do that, so I'll just keep blasting THE DRAINS and chanting "OK, OK, OK" at the start of "Learning Disability" each time the tape flips. 

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