02 March 2018


There are many mysteries in the world. Like....what is this and why do I have it? Mysteries like this will never be solved, but mysteries like this will be listened to and mused over and enjoyed. 12 tracks spread over three new (to me) acts on what might have actually been a handmade sampler for S.P.L.I.F.F. Records. FRED FRANTIC starts things off with some bedroom 4-track weirdness - the tape opens with "Coconuts On A Coconut Tree" and things do not get less strange. ERIC + THE TAP DANCING BUDGIES are next...irreverent shit-fi punk a la ALBERT Y LOST TRIOS PARANOIAS, that wraps up with "I Wanna Be A Tree," a freak out that would be a lost '60s raw garage punk burner in a different reality. And then the psychedelia takes over with MARIJUANA FROM MARS. Four low fidelity instrumental jams that harness HAWKWIND and OZRIC TENTACLES. Primitive electronics and soaring space guitars, this band matches their moniker better than any that I can think of. Some mysteries weren't meant to be solved, I suppose.

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