01 March 2018


My pal Spence (FIND HIM AND KILL HIM) sent me this a few years back. SUSPECT were his new band (with Paul from TEAR IT UP, in case you are keeping track) at the time, even though you may be hearing them for the first time half a decade later. I jammed this on the regular for a while, and all of the tracks came back instantly when I popped it in last week - fast and forceful hardcore in the (now classic) tradition/s, bridging the gap between the pure insistence of Thrash2K and the thick, powerful hardcore that took over most of the decade, but always with a careful ear towards early '80s 'core. A proper two guitar attack (one plays rhythm while the other stays loose and gets wild) that's nice to hear in the context/confines of snappy hardcore punk (six tracks in as many minutes). This banger and a 12" on React! were all that we got...but when it's good, I'll take whatever is offered and I will say thank you. Even if those thanks come a few years late. 

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