29 March 2018


An essential turn of the century Bay Area comp from and by people who were, at the time, fukkn kids. Passionately DIY outsider sounds from the likes of CHIAVAJINA, HALF EMPTY, PANTY RAID, THE JOCKS, NECROCOCK, LOS RABBIS and heaps more, including "(theme from) Getting High With My Friends," a deep cut from YOGURT. Things were weird back then, and this was the underworld that was inhabited (not ruled) by a handful of stalwart freaks and the kids who looked up to them. It was an odd pairing, it totally worked, and Morgan pulled it all together on this tape that has punk bands and rap bands and acoustic "bands" and noisecore bands and plenty of shit that just kinda off in a way that makes you want to listen to it more to see if it will make you sick. Shit like this hits the spot more now (way more) that it did then, because when you're in the middle of something pretty amazing, sometimes it's hard to really recognize it. Now, go listen to "Have You Ever Seen A Robot Cry?" by BLAST ROCKS!!! and validate your existence. 

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Anonymous said...

what year did this compilation come out? its so good. i totally needed this. thank you