11 June 2016


In the sixty short seconds that make up "Robotics In Service," São Paulo's THE PESSIMISTS effortlessly drop something as close to perfection as I've heard in ages. With no time or space for bullshit or filler, they bulldoze through a brooding intro that morphs into the verse, then a chorus with a ridiculously infectious guitar hook and lay multi gendered vocals into the mix with an adolescent enthusiasm that belies the years lurking under their respective hats. Every song is great, in my opinion...moody and serious punk that is fun to listen to in the same manner that shamelessly addictive pop tunes become inadvertent summer anthems. Unpretentious and casual, but still completely serious. When Farofa slips the leads in on guitar (take "Working," for example), it's like a jolt of electricity, and the way his vocals mingle with Mila's is just fucking right. The beats are simple, but listen to the way the booming intro to "Doomed Forever" switches gears and propels the band to the end of the tape. The shit is right, kids. Sometimes you don't need it to melt your face....sometimes you want it to sink into your pores, because then it becomes a part of you.

There's a recent EP on Nada Nada that successfully expands on the formula presented here....highly recommended. 

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