29 June 2016


My pal John asked me how to describe this brand of punk the other day, and I was at a bit of a loss. Someone wanna tell me what this currently exploding subsubgenre is called...? Because these Texas mutants are doing it right as fukk. A perfect 1-2-1-2 stomp, but it's almost UK Oi! sometimes and I heard REAGAN YOUTH references at least twice....and you can fukkn dance your ass off to it. DYE straight kill this shit, and I included whatever the weird shit was on the flipside of the tape because I like you. 


Daniel said...

Maloney,the drummer of Dye is a funny guy!!! He lives in Portland now, so don't know if this band still exists. Was fortunate enough to see them live once and they did not disappoint.

David Rosales said...

reminds me a lot of modern warfare