05 June 2016


Another charity shop score from a trip through the American Southwest, this collection of US Civil War era tunes is every bit as endearing as I hoped it would be when I gambled that quarter. No need to address the politics of a bunch of Confederate anthems, as I'm well aware of the ideological shortcomings, just take this cassette as an homage to long forgotten folk music of the South....and this is volume THREE, so it seems that our Mr. Horton is fukkn committed. 


Bobby Hutch said...

Now you're just fucking with us.

the wizard said...

Maybe a little..

Brian Guy said...

I actually have Vol. 1, which is also CSA Some Sprung Songs and Vol. 2, which is the Union Army songs, if you are interested.


Brian Guy

kingpossum said...

Committed is an understatement. Check out his full discography at bobbyhorton.com.