13 June 2016


Yes. Whirling guitars with just the right amount of SoCal punk twang, a relentless drum attack that's just a little too high in the mix but you don't mind because this is like Thrash2K but with swing...and zero cheat beats (if you know what I mean, then you know exactly what I mean - and if you aren't sure then you'll have to research on your own because that subject deserves its own post) and unhinged adolescent vocals that remind me more of Ernesto/LIFES HALT every time I listen (check "New Wasteland" in particular). The lineup alone should be enough to have you running for the DL icon on your screen (vocals from DEAD NATION, TEAR IT UP; drums from SEVERED HEAD OF STATE, SIGNAL LOST, countless others) but, 39 seconds in when you hear the guitar breakdown in "Cutthroat," you know that OBEDIENCE isn't just coasting on their pedigree. Again I say: Yes.


Daniel said...

These guys are opening up for Annihilation Time and Fuck You Pay Me(Erba on vocals)here in Austin July 8th-9th.

Anonymous said...

this band rips hard ,awesome live band