07 June 2016


When I initially came across this outfit (group? band? artist/s? collective?), I was entranced....and I've only grown to love them even more with each release and incarnation that I devour. Hypnotic missives that travel effortlessly between minimal neu:industrial and tribal rituals, and it all sounds as if it could have been constructed from field recordings. Without full attention, it's easy for these sounds to slip into the background and just provide a subtle soundtrack for your day...and that's fine. But with proper volume and attention, I dare say that you will emerge on the other side of these sixty two minutes a different person. Rubbing your eyes and squinting as if there was something physical, and not spiritual, that you could do to make sense of the journey you just completed. Sometimes the only thing to do is take the trip again, children. 




kingpossum said...

Tribal dub, very cool sounds here. Thanks for the post.