30 August 2015


Every bit as weird as they are great, Tokyo's VESPERA are simultaneously catchy and raw, pop and punk. This tape compiles three separate demos - the first suffers (and benefits) from a recording that highlights the vocals and turns the low end into a tinny mush while the guitar screams. The second is just a touch thicker, and the third sits somewhere in between. The tracks themselves beg to be compared to LA FRACTION, forceful hook laden punk with powerful female vocals. When presented with a proper studio recording, VESPERA will conquer the world...this tape from Black Konflik will keep you busy until then.

VESPERA drumer Eiji runs a killer vegan cafe/falafel spot near Tokyo's Koenji station (called VESPERA...coincidence, I'm sure). I ate there a few months back and it was delicious...especially noteworthy for vegans visiting Japan, but worth visiting for anyone who likes good food and doesn't mind a massive beer selection. Also, Eiji is a super good fellow.

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