27 August 2015


Visitors to this blog should be familiar with Sacramento's RAD, but here's anew installment for you monkeys. This is what we want from hardcore, right? Riffs, hooks, speed, power, and not a given fuck anywhere in sight. 20 songs in 12 minutes? Yeah. Exactly. "Never Turn Your Back On A Mosh." I know, me too. Real talk, though: I don't want this band to do anything different. It might not be perfect, but there's nothing that RAD needs to do that RAD aren't doing. This is hardcore motherfukkrs, this is fastcore motherfukkers, this is RAD motherfukkers. Get into it.

Fools even make me believe that "Sacramento Is Rad" (it actually kinda is - believe it) and there are some bonus cover tunes on here because I love you. Don't tell anyone though, because I like to maintain a really tough image.

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Harmonious Dischord said...

This is great, some choice and well executed covers too. I'll be playing this for awhile.