17 August 2015


This demo floored me. It's everything that deathpunk should be...which is mostly to say that it's fukkn punk. Dark, terrifying punk. Hailing from Mexico City, MUERTE come from a lineage that includes INSERVIBLES, HOG and TERCER MUNDO and absolutely live up to whatever expectations that lineage might bring. There's a brief moment at the start of "Nadie" when it sounds like they are going to settle into a goth punk groove for the final minutes of the demo, but then a horrid squall six seconds into the track crushes that thought. Instead, that final track is an aggressive, mournful burner that leaves you drained as the vocals trail off....a suitable conclusion.

The folks who saw them live on the recent North American jaunt are very fortunate, and their full length on SPHC is every bit as good as this demo would suggest.

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