28 August 2015


"Be" by THE VERNON WALTERS is one of the coolest songs I've ever heard. It's all of the things that were great about tuneful and catchy punk when it was still punk as shit - even the lilting vocals are undoubtedly earnest and intense and the hooks just make me wanna play the shit over and over. No Justification II is packed with bands I've never heard of, but the whole hour is top fukkn noth international hardcore punk. Five bands on this 22 track comp - the thing is set up like others from the series, and the level of quality is similarly high. Metallic hardcore from FORTHRIGHT, snarky UK punk ala-BUZZCOCKS from HUMIDIFIER, while ALGKVARN can't shake 7 SECONDS comparisons. SEVEN SIOUX are kinda hitting that same VERNON WALTERS "remember back when melodic punk was cool" vibe ("Doubt" is an absolute killer), and I keep listening to this comp. Over and over. Not surprisingly, I suggest that you do the same....

There are other comps with the same presentation - all awesome and all packed with bands I was not already familiar with, which is exactly what I want They appear to all have been animal rights benefits (something else that I want) in the late '80s. That time was not a waste, my friends, so much quality like this:

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