14 July 2014


Seminal mid '80s New Jersey hardcore, it's hard to believe that this shit isn't widely celebrated today...but then I guess that exactly what I'm doing right now. The vocals are barked out with unrivaled ferocity and the songs are snappy, throttling USHC at its finest with a spastic pace and over-flanged guitar. I got this on a mix tape that also featured SOCIAL DECAY and a few other Jersey acts, and the handwritten notes indicate that the bangers contained in today's download come from two live sets in '86 and '87 (way better quality than you expect when you think of a "live recording" - I'm talking along the lines of Live At The Crystal Pistol with this one, in terms of both both quality and caliber).  Ten tracks of killer, pissed and under the radar '80s shit, the internet exists so you can find out about shit like this, punk.

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Turbo Jorgensen said...

Thanks for this. Only heard "The Uprise" stuff.