24 July 2014


Sometimes old(er) recordings are a "time and place" thing - like you love it if you were there, but you just scratch your head if you hear the tracks after the fact. Sweden's FINAL EXIT is a perfect example; it's boring, derivative and utterly forgettable to me but they are a band that absolutely changed some of my friends' lives. Good for them, and my fault for listening to ERASURE in high school ("Oh L'Amour" is a banger, deal with that). But sometimes you can hear the shit years later and you're all like, "oh dude, I bet this shit was bad ass, I totally get this....wish I had been there, but I'm stoked to try to relive the magic through these recordings." So here you go: Brasil. 1996. If you weren't there then, then do your best to go there now.

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