10 July 2014


In January this year, the freakshows at Ascetic House released one cassette per day from bands in and related to their circle of mystery. This is a nearly impossible thing for a casual (or even curious) outlier to stay on top of, but I snagged a few when DESTRUCTION UNIT came through SF in the spring. I commented that there's no way anyone could be expected to keep up with that kind of output....dude just smiled and implied that might have been the very point (which begs an entirely different discussion about scenes and art and accessibility and determination). SUBLIMATION's Brain Ded is an incredible dip into the primitive industrial past, sparse beats and breathy vocals accompany sounds that fall somewhere in the early CABARET VOLTAIRE but with more harsh ambiance than beats. Four tracks mixed together over a quarter hour for a dark, lonely and disconcerting experience.

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