20 July 2014


In the early days of The Escape I was contacted from time to time by members of older UK bands, presumably after said members had performed boredom induced vanity searches for the bands they were in when they were young and the world was still theirs to conquer and the system there for the smashing. A few folks asked for cover scans of demos they no longer had copies of, a couple asked for the tapes themselves, and one (I think it was a guy from THE SNAPPIN' BOGSEATS?) sent me this tape in return. I had never heard MAXI PUCH & THE MACHO MOPED MEN, but this early '80s catchy UK shits rules hard, and it's become a regular staple since its arrival in my mailslot. The instrumental "Pursuit" is an absolute classic, instantly familiar even when hearing it for the first time, but "Order Of The Black" is a totally mindblowing UK punk jammer. Kinda like SLAUGHTER & THE DOGS riding Vespas - is that even a sound? I think it is. And these are the perks of the job.


Anonymous said...

great demo from a great band ive never of before thanks.


Anonymous said...

I used to be the drummer for Maxi Puch and the Macho Moped Men in the early eighties!!! Such a good laugh playing with them, unfortunately moved to Devon and lost contact with them!!!!