17 January 2014


I realize I've kinda gotten away from the Friday mix tape thing, but this gem is exactly why I need to get back on track. There is a really cool record store in Baltimore called Celebrated Summer. I bought some records there and I hope to do so again. A few blocks away from Celebrated Summer, around the corner from an Indian/Italian take out joint that offers a fierce (but over priced) Chana Masala, is a less cool record store packed with average rock and jazz records. But this record store (I cannot remember the name) is also rammed with genuinely interesting cassette oddities and a shitload of reggae/dub, outsider and jazz records that made me wish I had way more time to investigate. I only had a few minutes to power browse...and I think I did a pretty good job. No Sex 'til Baltimore is pretty much the embodiment of the beauty of the mix tape, both in design and execution.


chris fdr said...

The store you're referring to is the True Vine, and it's run by Jason Willett, formerly of Half Japanese. Great store - definitely a place that rewards some solid digging.

Anonymous said...

'no sex til baltimore' was compiled by jason willett & james snow. jason is still in half japanese.