18 January 2014


It's weird how punk generations work . I would swear that these dudes were fukkn kids the only time I saw them, but in reality they were probably just a few years younger than I was at the time (and probably a decade or more older than some of my current bandmates). If Nardcore meets third wave 'crew in the form of addictive fresh faced hardcore is your jam, then you probably have already devoured everything that IN CONTROL has dished out...but in case you haven't and that description appeals to you, then here you go. And if Hometown Pride '99 sounds like it might be just a little to "clean" for you, perhaps not edgy enough? Well then perhaps you need to open you mind a bit, because this shit holds up quite nicely and manages to sound insanely refreshing to these ears.

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Anonymous said...

It was too clean. We never got a good recording that represented the band.

But the spirit carries, we're still friends to this day, and everyone is still involved in music.

- Zack