28 January 2014


I am glad I loved HARSH WORDS before I knew who was in the band. I wrote some words about the tape in a magazine a while ago (just went back to check and confirm that they were indeed good words...and they were), and then NO STATIK had the pleasure of sharing a stage with them in Atlanta earlier this month. Imagine my surprise when I find out the drummer is Jason (NO, AMERICAN CHEESEBURGER, GOAT SHANTY, and so many more) and the axeman responsible for those erratic bursts of shred is Tom from QUEST FOR FIRE and The Breakfast Nook (those are Milwaukee references, sorry foreigners). So I was not even remotely surprised that the sum of these parts might equal a killer act, but I still was not prepared for the complete annihilation that HARSH WORDS were about to bestow upon me. It was everything that I hoped and expected from the live incarnation of the band that created Reptile Brain in the studio...and more. Pure US hardcore deconstructed and presented in minute regurgitations with insane leads and urgent vocals that harken up thoughts of the finest the Southeast has to offer (and they dish out 31 seconds of proof that this comparison is warranted on the second side of the tape). And absolute juggernaut, it's hard to believe that this many riffs can be crammed into just ten minutes, but these dudes make it seem effortless. On the one hand you need this...but it's might be over your head, so be careful.

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Andrew TSKS said...

Have you heard Tom's two-man grindcore band Copeater? Great stuff. I saw them play in a basement in 2006 and they destroyed. His other bands have always been good too, of course.