18 June 2009


A killer three song blast from 1985. There are pretty overt Discharge nods, escpecially on the first track, "Feed The People," and the demo closes with "Smash The State;" the ultra catchy chorus and bouncy tempo are by the numbers and totally great. Quality UK punk from Cheshire that, once again, i can't really find any information on. This demo was recored at Twilight Studios, which is only really notable because i have a load of shit that was recorded there, including the fucking stellar Sacrilege demo from 1984 that has already circulated the world wide net pretty extensively (i think it's been booted to vinyl as well?). There were originally four songs on this demo, but for whatever reason, "Smash The State" was moved to side 1 on my copy, and "Role Control" is crossed out by hand on the track list. Cheers to Mark for getting me this copy of the demo that has all four mighty tracks!

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Mark said...

just stumbled across your site... this is Wardy, the drummer from the Bogseats... email me your address and I'll burn you a cdr with all 4 tracks on it from the demo... thanks for the good words man... we are in Ian Glaspers new book out 7th September too.. sonic.earth@hotmail.com