16 June 2009


Not the most original name, perhaps, but THE CAUSE released two demos in 83 that are packed with some of the finest UK punk I've ever heard. They hailed from Wigan, England (a recent news clip from Wigan), and do not appear to have ever made it to vinyl, save "Soldier" on a 12" comp. I have no cover for this tape, just a track listing that helped me determine that this was the Soldier demo. The tracks from the Violence demo will make it up later...anyone know what became of the members?

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Henk said...

I have a 7" up on my blog by this band. It have 2 songs - Silent Cry and Heaven Or Hell.
Don't know if it ever was released in a cover, got mine without any.

(please gor for the RE-Upload of the Cause/MWAB, cause the old rips got f-ed up)

Hell of a lot of old gems here, this really saved my day which was average shit before finding this great blog :)

It is probably impolite to complain, but I can't open the files on this demo at all, tried to convert the files as well, but without luck. Could you please upload these songs again in a format for us windows users?

Keep up the good blog! Cheers /Henk

*I've been looking around for that Malice demo for decades - THANKS!!*