24 June 2009


Bad ass punk crossover shits from the UK! There's already a decent bit of info out in interworldwidenetwebland about these fellows, so i'll just link to an interview here, but it's worth mentioning that one of these chaps went on to play with Morrissey, and another joined the "hard" electro tools Prodigy. Maybe I'm crazy, but I hear a distinct hint of Sothira/Crucifix in the vocals...but even if I am indeed crazy, "Metal Can" totally shreds. Their No Turning Back EP is a ripper too, if you can track one down.


Henk said...

The 'metal can' file is corrupt

the wizard said...

It's fixed and re-posted...sorry about that.

Simon said...

Do you have the whole cassette case inlay thing, if you do could you scan it for me? I drew it : )

and thanx for posting the tracks I've not heard them for twenty odd years.

Thanx : )

Clint B said...

I hear some sloppy GBH styles, but the guitar solos are too good for eveything else!