23 June 2009


More rulin' unknown shits from the UK! Granted, it's kinda hard to scour the internet for information on a band called CASUALTY, but try I did, and I came up with a big ass goose egg. The raw blown out brilliance of "Challenge" (spelled "Challange" on the tape cover, not once, but twice!) is worth the whole fukkn demo, its absolutely what punk should be, and I can't get enough of it. The other two tracks are killer as well, though a bit slower and melodic, and the sound is nowhere near as hot as on this 4-track version of "Challenge." As always, if anyone can tell me anything about these fellows, or what else they might have recorded, by all means Make Yourself Known!


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Clint B said...

Wow, Hot as fuck blown out analog sound on Challenge. That is the way drums should just ALWAYS sound in hardcore.

Kontra said...