17 June 2009


as near as i can figure, these cats are from Brighton (it looks nice there) and they deliver some seriously damaged fuzzed out noisy punk...so punk they don't even give me song titles! late 80s is my best guess, as their lone (as far as i can tell) single came out in 90, the same year they did a week long german stint with BLYTH POWER. i haven't tracked down the EP (though after spending some time with these tunes i think that the single is now a little higher up on my list of priorities), but this and the God Peace and Greenery demo are stellar. one of these dudes went on to form FISH BROTHERS (more if you like), who are still playing today, but lack even a shred of the brilliance of these 4 pieces of trash. if you like these tunes, might i suggest visiting the nice folks at shit-fi, because there is a world of noisy garbage just waiting for you to stick yer head in!


Aesop said...

This is pretty great, reminds me a bit of the old Florida band The Pop Cruds. This blog is so great and I can't wait for more.

Dave Barter said...

I followed this band through the eightees and ninetees. I have this tape and all of their vinyl as well.

Anonymous said...

i have the salad from atlantis 7" ep would be willing to let it go if your lookin for it mail me