09 June 2016


Please enter the world of ACAVERNUS from São Paulo - the vocal/sound portion of the RAKTA equation isolated and exposed. When I heard about Paula's project and its mission, I assumed it was going to be good. But I didn't imagine it was going to be like this. ACAVERNUS is something else, my friends...something you need to experience.

Today is our birthday. I've been doing The Escape for eight years now...wild. Almost 2400 posts, and approaching two and a half million visits. Weird. I hope you've found some things here that you have enjoyed....there's more to come. 


Anonymous said...

Wow, eight years! I've found great stuff on here and always look forward to new posts. Thank you for all of the work

Dk said...

Eight years ...just the amount of time I've been happily unemployed (in the traditional sense). And happily into the Escape. Some wake to visit the Wall Street Journal or The Washington Post; instead, I shoot here. Thanks for all your effort and dedication over these years. Happy Birthday.

kingpossum said...

Happy 8th and hearty thanks for the effort. It just gets better all the time. This post is evidence of that. I'm into ritual stuff and this slots in there quite nicely. Fantastic listening in the wee hours.