14 January 2014


This demo is from Israel circa 1997, but the chaotic ramshackle thrash could easily have been recorded 15 years earlier in Italy. Intense and manic hardcore - 17 songs in as many minutes. No song titles, but I included a scan of the cover for the Hebrew proficient...seriously, this rules.


Anonymous said...

so sick

kevin said...

How did jhonen vasquez do the art for this?

I want to know that story

Taralezh said...

1. Mi(ki) Kidnapped Adi Ya'akobi
Mi means who in hebrew, Miki is a name, Adi Ya'akobi is some girl who disappeared in the 90's or something
2. We also do bar-mitzhas
3. To glue all cigarettes machines except the ones in the faculty of law
4. Why aren't bimbo's vegeterians
5. Gidi Gov Can Suck Me/Drive Over Gandi (both 5&6 tracks in cover tracklist combined here in the file)
6. I Don't Want!
7. Pathology For the Masses
8. Apple Pie
9. Everybody Meets In The Moshpit
10. Ron Arad Is Locked Up In My Niagara (Don't know the english work for it, the Tank of water of the toilet.. lol)
11. Aus Rottem
12. She'altiel Kwak (Alfred Kwak's hebrew ending song cover)
13. Skate Brigade
14. Zit Remedy
15. We Tricked The Kaban (like IDF Psychology, you trick him to get out of military service)
16. Two Banks To The Yarkon
17. If We Were In Saudi Arab Your Hands would've been cut

USF are def one of the best punks band in Israel, but you should check Mefageret (מפגרת) which in my taste are the greatest of all