25 June 2024



At the tail end of the Thrash2K wave in the Bay Area there was a band who just might have spawned another resurgence if the starts had aligned differently. STOCKHOLM SYNDROME were in your face, political, serious - STOCKHOLM SYNDROME were punk. Spencer and Max were Bay Area fixtures (VULGAR PIGEONS, THE SHIVERING and all things 625 respectively), Tim was fresh blood from the UK (that NERVES/SUBSTANDARD split is still straight fire) and they combined forces to create an absolute juggernaut. Ten songs in eleven minutes on the debut Deathfuckers cassette, then personnel challenges contributed to a quick fizzle shortly after the One Way Out EP brought most of that same session to wax. Shit holds up though, and 625 joined up with YOFC to compile the demo and an unreleased session on a much needed posthumous long player....speaking of, you know today is June 25th, right? 6/25. 625. All hail one of the most influential, enthusiastic and honest DIY punk labels ever. 

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