14 June 2024



When the first DJ UDJAT EYE mix dropped into my box last year, I was chuffed before I popped it in the deck. You see, Dave doesn't fuck around.....and if Dave took the time to create and reproduce a mix? It's gonna be good, and it is good (of course) - but that tape still didn't prepare me for this volume. Seven minutes into the first side and we've moved from ALBERT MARCOEUR to VOLYA to MAGDA MAYAS infected with PIG DNA....and that only lays the foundation. This is an expertly crafted cassette, a collection of sounds and creations that is far greater than the sum of its parts. RINGO STARR. NO COMMENT. MARION BROWN. NEFTALI. PEGGY LEE. SUPPRESSIVE PERSON. A truly crafted and curated mix is so much more that a simple collection of songs, and this is is so much. more than even that. An altogether other worldly listen that I cannot recommend more highly. 

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