21 June 2024



Fear Of Noise always seemed like they had everything fukkn dialed. Their fests were compact and not overwhelming, trading quantity and pretense for quality and efficiency - get in, have fun, connect with your people, have a good night, do it again tomorrow. Also, the lineups were fucking deadly, as evidenced by this cassette that replaced the ill fated 2020 edition. A veritable 'must listen' list of West Coast hitters at the turn of the decade with predictably heavy San Diego representation. SCREAMING FIST and PROVOKE lock arms with LĂ–CKHEED (Portland), AGONISTA and VIOLENCIA (Tijuana), SYRGAS (Sweden) and locals VILE REALITY, BLINDING GLOW, DISCOVERY, NEGATIVE BLAST, a true freak cut from D.WREX and loads more. Twenty six slammers in all, courtesy of Speed Creamer and the nicest fest I've been asked to play. 

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