05 July 2022



Glorious international hardcore collaboration from the turn of the century. Seven burners from under the radar Yokohama raw thrashers IGNORANCE (there's a self titled EP from 2003 or so, purple cover, not hard to come by....do it), then a few catchy but ultra pissed tracks from Malaysia's DEPRESS wrap up the first side. The flip, however, is all about Turkey's wildest DIY hardcore export: TURMOIL. Raw, manic fastcore that sounds like sonic through line from LÄRM to SPAZZ. Tracks from two different sessions here, and the second batch have a bombastic early Earache vibe - I was only familiar with the REGENERACION split before this tape, and I'm honestly kinda floored. Scroll on by at your own peril, kids. 




Icky said...

Man, this things still holds up after 20 years! Thanks as always...

the wizard said...

It's my pleasure (as always). And yeah - definitely holds up!