06 July 2022



OK, internet sleuths...do your thing. This one came from the depths of Pat's archive, and I know nothing beyond what you see (and hear) here. They aren'y amateurs, that much is clear - THE N*IDS hit like a crew of early US rockers who've matured (like a lot of bands did in the later part of the 1980s), with a liberal dusting of Aussie garage punk. Sixteen songs from 1989, and the more I listen the more I like what I hear - lead guitar is ugly (and way too loud in the mix), lyrics are irreverent and kinda dorky, a through line between NEGATIVE TREND, SoCal skate rock CELIBATE RIFLES. Yeah...I keep listening, and it keeps getting better. So let's go, nerds - you tell me about this shit. Maybe everyone else already knows and I just arrived late to the party without an invitation. 

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Anonymous said...

Looks like they might be The Nihilistic Ids from Indiana. Good stuff, thanks for posting