28 June 2022


Sometimes I feel that the evolution of black metal has brought us to a place where the sounds are too often too accessible, too often too acceptable, too often too....pretty. Of course there's a place for it, and it must be tough to be cold and brutal all the time, but SCYTHEWARDEN gave me just what I wanted today. Fast, dissonant, frigid, blistering, intense black metal from the misty forests of Connecticut. The bridge riff in "Wrath Is Humanity" makes me queasy, the stomp that makes up the middle of "Dire Winds Of Revenge" makes me want to rip holes in the earth and that leads 70 seconds of pummeling monotony reminiscent of classic USG(rey)M. Centuries Of Vengeance, the artist's entire catalog, is a sub-twenty minute offering that sounds precisely like the title suggests; a refreshing dose of depression and rage.


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