24 June 2022

27 OCTOBER 1984


Of all of the broadcast tapes I've ripped from Pat's collection (so far), this is one of the best listens. The music is all over the place and all top notch - from DEVO to ESMERELDA to a sixteen minute FELA KUTI performance to FLIPPER. A laid back '60s stunner from THE EASYBEATS, random PSAs, calm 4am rambling from Pat Wright (who was covering a graveyard shift)...Pat wasn't necessarily on fire in the wee hours that morning, but he was absolutely in the pocket. A brilliant dose of radio. 

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beedub said...

This is so insanely great, I adore it. I'm Ben in Salt Lake and I'm.good pals with Jason Griffin that you post about once in a while. Keep up the good work, you're making my life better.