13 November 2019


I love every fucking second of this tape. At first it kinda reminded me of HOUSEMARTINS, but it's so damned much better and more real. This is what I think "twee-pop" should be, no matter what the fuck twee-pop actually is (full disclosure, Mike told me once that twee was personified by THE PRIMITIVES who are fukkn great...but still I think THE BEEKEEPERS are better). Short, sharp, airy pop songs that have as much in common with STRAWBERRY ALARM CLOCK (especially on "Pray For Death") as with anything we punks associate with punk. Vocals are the key, but then you listen deeper and realize how they intertwine with the keys and then you start to think that these might be some of the greatest songs of all time. You know why you think that....? Listen to "Stan Kisses The Orthodox Pope" and know that it's a fucking interlude track and not even a real song and you'll answer your own damn question. THE BEEKEEPERS are simply brilliant, and that's all. If you like music....well, then here you go. If the chorus to "Thunderstorms And Comic Books" doesn't give you pause, then you need to check your pulse. 

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