20 November 2019


The credits claim that this was recorded in 1999, but I don't think that bands like MOODFYRE were allowed to exist after around '96 or so (even in California). I think Punk passed some kind of legislation banning vaguely funky melodic skate punk with vocal harmonies after a few Warped Tours when they (Punks) realized that the people who listened to (and, more importantly: created) this music were actually just the then-present-day versions of the people who had spent the '80s kicking our asses and bullying us into quiet depression and a collective solitude. But no....definitely 1999, and still I like it. I'm picturing us rolling through Nebraska in '95 on one of the FUCKFACE tours blasting this on the tinny Econoline 6" speakers and talking about going everywhere. MOODFYRE sound adolescent, they sound hopeful, but mostly they just sound real. And if that's how you deliver your vocal melodies and your vaguely Fat guitar licks? Well, even this old fukk will buy in. 

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