15 November 2019


The third volume in Mike Johnston's series on Michigan based rock 'n roll, this one uncovering the bands, projects and music that rose from the ashes of THE STOOGES. Pleasantly, the focus is not on Iggy (who is featured to be sure, but not until later the hour), but on the lesser known recordings rose up after THE STOOGES split. Ron Asheton's NEW ORDER (the opening track "Victim Of Circumstance" is worth the price of admission alone) and DESTROY ALL MONSTERS open up, with cutes from SONICS RENDEZVOUS BAND, IGGY POP (I mean, you're not going to leave the dude out of the equation, obviously) and closing out with some FRED SMITH + PATTI SMITH (though STOOGES adjacent, of course) live recordings that are killer, even if the quality is a little rough. Interviews with Asheton and Morgan provide context throughout, and once again Johnston's encyclopedic knowledge and fierce fandom make for a great listen as he dissects the cuts and the artists' lineage. You'd think that as he moved chronologically away from the architects that things would get a little more diluted and less interesting, but I think it just gets more interesting as the web gets wider....

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