27 April 2018


I'm a big fan of mysteries. Mysteries keep us curious, they keep us hungry....they keep us searching for answers. Mysterious sounds are especially appealing to me - 
- who made this? 
 - how did I get this? 
- where/when was it made? 
 - would these have been my friends....or WERE THEY my friends?
This tape is simply labeled YOU WON'T SURVIVE! with a note that the tracks were recorded between 1992-1996. I think it's from the Bay Area (and specifically San Francisco), if only because the vocalist sometimes sounds like Matty Luv (especially on "Shoot Your Dog and Eat Your Kids," the TIFFANY cover and "One Car Garage Built For Two") and the irreverent sense of humor reminds me of Sunday afternoons at The Nightbreak in 1995 - when we all thought we were funny but it was probably just pretty stupid. Sometimes it sounds like there's a 4-track and one mutant, sometimes it sounds like there's an entire band responsible. Sometimes it's completely dismissible, sometimes I wish I had ten more collections like this one. To put things in a sonic context, imagine a combination of THE SPITS, HICKEY, dorky '90s punk (before the term "melodic punk" was justifiably equated with utter garbage) and SOCKEYE. Essential.....? Probably not, but that's not the point. 

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