02 April 2018


Under the radar Japanese hardcore re-delivered to the masses by Black Konflik. DESTRUCTION present like a full on crasher crust outfit, but they nuance with blasts and with anarcho punk and - *gasp* - emotional and/or impassioned segments....the result is notably more memorable than you average second tier blown out crust outfit. Compare to ACME, or even 1000 TRAVELS OF JAWAHARLAL at time, and then consider their roots in the galloping hardcore that their island nation is known for. Yeah....it's real good. Choice track is the 5+ minute "Believe It," and after blasting this collection I surely believe. 

Link replaced, appreciation as always to those who keep me in check. Mistakes happen, but can you really complain about "accidentally" getting the DECONSTRUCTION demo in your file folder? No...I didn't think so. 


Anonymous said...

hi..might be wrong but i think you put up wrong tape-the download is deconstruction....cheers

Anonymous said...

dunno what happened dude but the link is about DECONSTRUCTION demo, which is fine and dandy, but since you gave the ACME comparsion, i strongly want to hear DESTRUCTION now!!

the wizard said...

HA! Rectified. Hope you enjoyed that other Japanese artifact in the meantime....? Thanks and cheers.