19 April 2018


It is truly difficult to do something different and still make yourself/ves sound compelling. Which is to say that there are a lot of jaw dropping DBeat bands - and there will be many more. There are scores of amazing goth bands that conjure SIOUXSIE and Eldrich and even Fraser's gang of multi instrumentalists. There are millions or records on shelves and mountains of records in City Sanitation Yards made by bands who have perfected the Crust Craft...and I haven't eve started talking about music that exists outside of the "underground," music that is aped and regurgitated ad nauseam, repackaged and remarketed and resold and re-loved by the Masses. But....what about artists that can still achieve the unachievable? Artists that can sound like themselves? Maybe this is a high bar to set for the bl(e)ak and angular sounds of ÂGE NOIR, but the black age is indeed upon us, and perhaps the soundtrack comes from France. The link below is highly recommended for fans of SHELLAC and VOLAHN and  MILEMARKER and ALUK TODOLO and THE VSS and TRTRKMMR and things that don't sound like anything else....it's the shit that keeps us all listening. Keeps us searching. This release is special, visitors....take it in. 

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Anonymous said...

fucking brilliant. Blackened D-Beat! Thank you for sharing this with me!!