04 April 2018


Received a perfectly timed email yesterday as I was cleaning up some old audio files (sadly, there are days when this has become the present day equivalent of reorganizing a record collection), a reminder of a 1987 scorcher that I posted almost eight years ago. CAPITAL GAIN became LIFE CYCLE and dropped a small handful of vinyl releases - available for cheap if you keep your eyes open, I guess because there's a weird perception that all post-'85 UK punk is crap or something? - but I've seen nothing about this four (and a half?) song recording. Like lumbering anarcho punks trying to make the leap into hi-charged metal punk and almost succeeding, CAPITAL GAIN are a brilliant example of the effort trumping the output. The output is great, SACRILEGE-esque vocals over mid-tempo bangers with tasty leads, but it's the level of sincerity that makes these tracks indispensable. So thanks for the email...

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