27 January 2017


The joys of having friends who got into the game before you....and dropped out before you. Those are the friends who give you their shit because they are sick of dragging around that shoebox of tapes that they just aren't ever gonna listen to, and damned if those friends don't have a friend in ME who is happy to help them solve that problem. Craig was probably like 14 when he was seeing PRICK somewhere in the East Bay. Me? I was 1 16 year old new waver with a couple of DEAD KENNEDYS records lurking in a milk crate in northern Oklahoma. I wouldn't have known how to find DIY punk even if I had known it existed (I didn't), so I relive those teenage punk years that I never had through the cast off remnants of adolescence....and I'm grateful. Four songs here from 1988....LES THUGS coming out of the guitars (and the songs too), GITS from the vocals, and hook filled Bay Area punk oozing out of the whole damn thing. The first two tracks are solid fukkn gold, while the second two show a band who was probably planning to continue in a "different" direction that could either have meant alternative rock or whatever you call the subgenre that JAWBREAKER accidentally invented. But, to my knowledge, they didn't go in either direction....they faded away (if I'm wrong here, I would like to be corrected), like most bands do.

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Dabney Coleman said...

Gits meets Les Thugs? The Wizard knows his shit.

...don't be so modest, boss... take the kudos...