15 January 2017


Fast and irreverent late '90s punk from the Brazilian beach town of Vila Velha, this is the kind of melodic shit that we all (and I mean "me" when I say "we") embraced shamelessly at the time because it wasn't dirty yet. Listen to "All My Friends" and hear the HICKEY hooks, while an unmistakable F.Y.P. vibe runs through the whole demo (F.Y.P....I guess I get it, but I was never a fan). Folks from MUKEKA DI RATO and MERDA got their feet wet here, which will likely perk the interest of a few of you....the rest of you? Stop being cool for half a morning and just enjoy yourself, blast "Cuspa Cerveja Na Minha Cara" and think about the good things in the world. If only for a few minutes. It's worth it. 

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