05 January 2017


2015's Satyagraha was one of the best records of that year, and straight up the most inventive thing I have ever heard come out of the narrow confines of raw, distorted DBeat. I left a bandmate's wedding reception early to catch them in a backyard in Oakland last summer (sorry, Andrew), and while the sound was complete garbage and I couldn't see a fukkn thing because the lights were pointed at the meager audience....they leveled the joint. I bought a stupid Chainsaw Massacre ripoff tour shirt (little known fact: sometimes I don't make the best financial decisions) and this banger here that easily makes up for the cash I blew on that shirt. As the title (and art) suggests, here's Sweden's PARANOID laying waste to a who's who of modern and classic punk and metal: PISSCHRÏST, EXPLOITED, STREBERS, CELTIC FROST, SEPULTURA, KAAOS, DARKTHRONE, STATE OF FEAR, ACURSED (most underrated Swedish band of the '00s? Perhaps...), ANTI CIMEX, TOTALITÄR, and PENTAGRAM. And still....it sounds like fukkn PARANOID. Essential Cream Status.

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Colin said...

Totally agree that Accursed is so overlooked (for A Swedish character band AND as a band in general)...looking forward to checking out this tape!