13 December 2016


Sometime in '04/05 we got a call that there were some friends in distress. Buzz (SHOTWELL) and Janelle (PANTY RAID, TOURETTES, Tales Of Blarg) had started a summer band so they could help their friend move across country. The plan: make a demo, book some shows, drop friend off, leisurely vacation their way back to the west coast. Pretty chill plan...until the van dies in Wisconsin Dells and the hotel says you're scumbags and you can't stay there anymore and sleeping in a ditch starts getting old., Their bandmate/s and taggers along had already gotten rides to Milwaukee, and I drove to The Dells to collect Buzz, Janelle and their belongings from a van in a gas station parking lot at 3am...we left the van there (sans license plates) and brought them to our pad to work on a new plan. They only stayed with us for a couple of nights, their road crew was soon reunited and everyone started trickling home on their own. That was the summer I met the brilliant and (still) inspiring Melissa Shakes, and my second encounter with Brontez (who re-introduced himself by mentioning how excited he was to turn 18 in a few months so he could start his career as a porn star), but I never saw SUBURBAN BITCH play a show. 

The sound? Classic '90s East Bay with plenty of Mission District for good measure. Sloppy. Raw. Punk.

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Anonymous said...

I just now listened to this and holy SHIT. Thank you for this and for everything.